​ Josh

Josh currently serves as the High School Pastor at Fruit Cove Baptist Church.  Check out the church here: fruitcove.com

In 2000, while leading a group of middle school boys at a Disciple Now weekend, the Lord miraculously changed the trajectory of Josh’s life.  Like any other young college student, Josh was attending classes and planning for a career.  The Lord, however, had a plan for his life that was far different from what Josh expected.  The Lord made it very clear to Josh, through circumstances, affirmation from the faithful Christian men pouring into his life, and through confirmation in the Word that Josh should devote his life (including his professional life) to bringing the Good News of Jesus to everyone he meets.

He began by sharing his testimony at small events such as church youth groups, FCA gatherings, and local school and church meetings. He soon moved into a position at a local church, allowing him to minister and serve on a regular basis.  The Lord used his labor with the local church to teach him valuable ministry skills.  He has direct experience speaking and coordinating Summer Camps, Winter Camps, Fall and Spring Retreats, Disciple Now weekends, Purity Conferences, Outreach events, Revivals, Mission conferences, etc...  Josh is also the co-founder of PHAT Camp- a summer camp for middle and high school students.

Josh has a passion to share the gospel with all people.  He desires to see people genuinely believe what the Bible says, and to do what the Bible says to do.  Josh’s purpose in ministry is “striving to put and keep Jesus on stage”. 





josh glymph